Budget Friendly Ways to Say “I Love You” on Valentine’s Day


Budget Friendly Ways to Say “I Love You” on Valentine’s Day

Lucky are those who are caught with the Valentine’s Day craze and have the money to splurge on their love ones. Any girl would love to receive a glittering jewelry or a romantic dinner in a fine dining restaurant however, these lavish gifts that you give or if you are the recipient receive is not really a measure of how much you love the person.

What if you do not have the money to buy her diamonds or bring her to fine dining restaurant? You don’t have to worry that you are a lesser person that can’t give his love the luxury in life. Little things mean a lot to people who are in love. You don’t need to have big amount of money to show your love.  What is important is she knows that she is well loved, desired and cared.

Here are budget friendly ways to show how much you love a person without spending big amount of cash.

  • Anything sweet for your love. Do you think the love of your life will be able to resist you if you are surrounded by lollipops and cotton candies?
  • You can go with nice smells. There are lots of good smelling perfumes that will not make a dent in your wallet. Likewise, the person wearing the perfume will be reminded that it was given by the person who values her.
  • Boxers make him sexy. For a few dollars, you can wrap your present and am sure that he will give you a wide grin once he unwraps the gift.
  • Fun and sexy gift items. There are lots of this kind in the market offered as gift packs. There are gift packs under $50 which your man will surely appreciate such as men’s travel kit, pamper gift items, bubble bath items and many more.

Here are great ideas on how to say “I love you” without spending any cash.

  • Express your love through words

You might have the habit of telling him I love you every day from the time you wake up until you say good night or perhaps you don’t do this at all, now is the right time to say  these words. Additionally, there are some a few things that will make these words more memorable for him by telling him the reasons why you have fallen in love with him.  You can express this by doing this in a romantic way by writing the reasons in a card. Give these to him separately within a day or maybe within a week.

  • Give him time for himself

You can pamper him by giving him your self-styled gift certificate. Give him a gift certificate for a night out or a day with his friends while you are doing some errands for him. A gift certificate for a whole body massage while you are simply at home taking care of his chores like doing his laundry or cleaning his car.

  • Make or do something for him

There are hundreds of things you can do for him starting from the simple ones that you don’t usually do every day like cooking a special dinner or a breakfast in bed. Make a scrapbook or a video of the memorable and loveable things he does.

  • Treat him on a dinner

Sounds expensive but it’s not. Look for promos offered by some popular restaurants and make your dinner a memorable one at a discounted price.

Likewise, you can make simpler by buying him his favorite ice cream, pizza or hamburger. You can opt to go the place where you can eat these goody foods.

  • Make this day a peaceful one

Stay aware from any arguments even for this day and if you have a disagreement, just let it go. You can write a letter or a card telling him that you are letting go of your current disagreement. Make this more romantic by attaching a bottle of wine to the card or anything using your wild imagination.

  • Give your full attention to him

Show with that you are really loves him. Forget about his wrong doings to you. Show him that you are interested on everything he does, listen to the things he says and in between your conversation, ask him some questions that show you have your full attention. Resists the urge to argue with him and at the end of the day, you will find that you also benefited because of the amazing things your actions do to your relationship.

  • Make an amazing alone time with him

If you have kids, be sure that they won’t be in a way with your plans. Get someone to  babysit for you during the day or evening. If you are planning for a whole day alone time with him, you can cook his favorite foods and then go on a picnic to your favorite place. If the weather is not good for an outside activity, you can just stay inside the car, play some music and have your picnic.

Likewise, a dinner prepared at your own home can turn into a romantic evening date with him. You can set the dinner in one corner of your home or even in your dining area provided you make some changes like setting the table to appear it is more romantic. You can put dainty lighted candles on his way to the dining area or petal of roses. After dinner, make sure that your bedroom is made up for a romantic night with him.

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