The Worst Kind of Relationship that You Shouldn’t Bear in Mind


The worst kind of relationship that you shouldn’t bear in mind

Everybody is looking forward to a healthy and happy relationship. This is about how you make the person feel how much you love him and in return, you feel that you are well loved as well. In this kind of relationship, you have to set your mind on positive things. Think of things that will make your relationship with him something that you are wishing all your life.

Remember that once your mindset is groomed on the right direction, you will have a healthy and happy relationship that everybody wants. If your mindset is on the wrong side, relationships are doomed; it can lead to a disaster.

If you have a positive outlook in your relationship, your relationship with the person you love will be colorful and you will have contentment.  You will learn to understand that loving a person means caring, sharing as well as giving and taking. Your attitude and mindset should be free from worries and troubles. You should have a beautiful outlook in love and life.

Here are the negative mindsets that ruin a relationship.

There should be no competitions between partners.

As lovers, you should treat each other as your equal. Both of you should be supportive on all your achievements and goals. There should be no competition. You are one team and should give strength to one another. This is what a loving relationship should be.

Making an issue on whatever your partner does or says

Dramas, conflicts and arguments result when one of you look for some issues or always disagree to your partner. This would result in a difficult and chaotic relationship. Instead of having a calm and happy relationship, you will feel the strain and at the end may bring to disastrous relationship.

Relying too much on rules on relationship

Don’t be a person who is wary of rules, a person who always says “you should” because it taints a relationship. If you think that a certain thing or action was not done according to your rules but you feel that it makes your partner happy then, don’t feel guilty. Don’t put much emphasis on rules that other people follows instead, go for the things that work makes both of you happy and fulfilled.

Assuming that your partner knows even little things about you

When you assume and think too much and you are disappointed, it could ruin a relationship. Open communication is the best way to avoid disappointments. Do not always think that your partner knows what you want and your needs because you know that he loves you and you are special  to him. You are his soulmate therefore; you think that he knows everything about you. May I remind you that your partner is not a mind reader.

When in doubt, as him questions and learn how to express what you feel.

Fear of change

Most of the people treat a relationship as their safe haven which is a good attitude however, you must know that nothing is unchanging. This applies to relationships which could change overtime. Some would say that there is no “forever” in a relationship thus, you must accept the changes and face your fear of change. Embrace the changes that happen in your relationship. It could be a new endeavor, change of place or risk taking. Changes stimulate and make a relationship more exciting.

The notion that everything would be easy once a relationship is right

Even if a relationship feels right, there would always be some obstacles and difficulties both of you need to face. You should work for it, invest and have lots of patience. You are two different individuals that is why it would never be simple.

Overthinking on your relationship

Overthinking on things about your relationship can hinder a happy relationship. You may tend to overdo things because you want to have the best relationship without knowing that you are acting like an expert. You should hear the voice of your partner . . .  I say the word partner which means  that you are not alone in this relationship . . . you are his equal.

Thinking that this is too good to be true

Once you find it hard to believe that everything seems too good to be true and feel that it will not last, most likely it will not last.

Think of a relationship which is filled with love and understanding. This will help to make your relationship lasts.

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