What makes a date successful?


What makes a date successful?

How would you enjoy a date with the person you are attracted to? What can you do to make your date agree to a second date with you? Dating should be enjoyed and must be memorable because this is the “getting to know” stage. This is the stage wherein you will get to know personal things about him, his interests and other stuff that will test if you are ready to have a relationship with him or if he is the person you are looking for all this time.

How can you make your date with this guy successful?

  1. Put him at ease using your killer smile

A smile on your face makes a lot of miracles. It can out your date at ease, making him think that you are a friendly and warm person. It doesn’t matter if it is a demure or flirtatious smile because smiling is a “must” when you go out on a date.

  1. Use the body language

Daters who were successful knew that using body language is as good as using words. Appropriate body language will hint that you are interested in the person. A little bit of leaning towards the person, hand gestures, pushing the hair or smoothing his shirt would mean that you are attracted to the person. For the person to know what you are trying to convey, you should be able to know the context of the appropriate gestures. Successful daters are far from being stiff. They are easy to talk to and welcoming.

  1. Maintaining eye contact while on a date

When you maintain an eye contact with your date, it means that you want to relay a message to your date. This will indicate the level of interest he has for you. Once you do other stuff like texting, tweeting, busy with your phone or perhaps look in another direction, your date will think that you are a shy person or maybe you are not really interested.

Maintaining the eye contact means that you want to  have his attention however, let it be known that guys that are shy many try to avoid an eye contact with you even if he is interested and has a strong attraction to you.

  1. Make your date a memorable one

Dates that are memorable leave a mark to the person you are interested.  Maximize the time together by making it fun and as much as possible not the usual movie or dinner.  Some find that great dates are those that are unique, something that they have not been used to doing.

  1. Your appearance counts

You are going to meet the guy that you are attracted to and want to impressed naturally, you need to look at your best.  Being at your best appearance would mean that you make an effort to look good simply because you are looking forward on seeing him and on making a good impression to your date.

  1. See to it that the conversation is rolling smoothly

A date wouldn’t be successful if the conversation does not run smoothly. One of you should not dominate the conversation singlehandedly. It would be beneficial if you would ask your date with open ended question instead of the usual yes or no. Gear your conversation towards the areas that you share the same interest.  Likewise, you need to be a good listener.

  1. Wear a bright outlook

You can be considered as a great date when you have a bright outlook even if your expectations were not met. You need to be flexible and spontaneous once a problem arises such as bad weather, your car broke down or a server spilled drinks on your shirt. If you are a person with a bright outlook, you will make things like these lighter and can have a tricky solution on the issues like these.

  1. No pretensions

When you go out on a date, you have to be true to yourself and don’t act the person that you are not. Show the real you to your date and never mislead your date. False pretensions and impressions will just ruin his trust in you. Be a confident and a genuine person.

  1. Make your intentions clear

If you want to be considered as a good date, you make it clear with him. If you enjoyed his company and you are looking forward for a second date with him, then tell him without hesitation that you are willing to have another date with him. Of course,  you will know on your first date if there is a chemistry between the two of you.  Likewise, if you feel that there is no spark, be friendly and thank him for the good time. Make it known to him that you value his friendship but be sure that you are not giving him false hope.

  1. Don’t forget your manners

Whether you are a man or a woman, you should not forget your manners. Having good manners will always be an important aspect of your life. For men, they need to be gallant and show their appealing side whereas for women, show your date that you are an attentive and polite person. You have to show that you have good manners that only to your date but to other people as well like the waitress in the restaurant, the valet and to any people whom you are acquainted with.

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